Our first boot-camp was launched in Benghazi, Libya, targeting 16 selected females. The boot-camp geared toward women who want to gain coding skills, and entrepreneurial skills. As the central goal of She Codes is to build the foundation of a thriving entrepreneurial eco-system targeting females in Libya, and eventually help them to lead the way in tech-related fields.  

The course was designed to be an intensive course. Participants completed 2 months, which introduced the participants to the fundamentals of web development, Mobile application, business, and marketing classes were included into the curriculum to help them build their career afterwards. Graphic design was also another course in the boot-camp, for the important role the visual identity presents, and how it plays a key role in conveying the message in the most creative way possible.

Networking is becoming one of the primary areas of growth in the tech-industry; the boot-camp covered networking topics using up-to-date technologies. Moreover, the boot camp included other important courses that help to gain on-demand skills, like academic writing, and public speaking, as these are vital skills to advance in their career and sustain a business. In the final day, trainees presented their group projects, using the skills they have learned.