Women who are unable to leave their homes and go to work regularly due to various challenges, either from warfare, transport restrictions, family obligations, or because they belong to conservative families, now will have the opportunity to work from home as computer programmers and coders, website developers, graphic designers, and as other various skilled “techies”. Having the convenience of flexible working hours from home is a great solution for mothers who need to balance their work and family/child-care obligations.

At She Codes our mission is clear to empower Libyan women

We are doing this by nurturing the brightest females’ minds in Libya, teaching, coaching, and mentoring. In addition to attracting international talent and investment that can help us lead the way in tech-related fields.

Building Foundations

She Codes seeks to build the foundations for the establishment of a successful female-led entrepreneurial eco-system in Libya. Our aim is to minimize and eventually eliminate the heavy dependency on men for the livelihood of women in Libyan society, and to usher in a new era of female led and managed sustainable enterprises and employment opportunities.

Social Objective

We aim to support, raise awareness and educate Libyan society on the social benefits of female empowerment. Ultimately, our objective is to empower women to become fully independent and self-reliant, and to help bridge the gender gap in the technology industry.

Our target is to train at least 300 Libyan women every year and help them launch their own private enterprises, and/or acquire lucrative employment opportunities. Over the next three years, our total target is to train and certify 1000 female graduates, creating more than a thousand value-adding sustainable jobs.

Growing Together

According to the World Economic Forum report, the demand on traditional jobs has decreased, while demand is continually growing year after year for tech-related jobs in computer programming, software development, information security analysis, and other fields. By the year 2020, two million additional tech jobs will be created worldwide.

Develop Skills

Investments and business ventures are filled with uncertainty – which is why She Codes will stake its future on the development of highly skilled and ambitious females, rather than conventional plans and archaic structures.

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