The first She Codes’ workshop took place in Tripoli, January, 2019. The workshop consisted of four days, it covered various interesting and related topics, among which was the Coding Programming part. The participants were from different intellectual backgrounds, and most of them were not familiar with the basics of Computer Science. Therefore, the first day was dedicated to introduce them to the fundamentals of Computer Science.

The second day focused on getting to know the most frequently used elements in web pages, the simplicity of creating static HTML pages, also simplifying the process of writing codes. The third day followed with viewing the different ways we can add styling to the elements that we have on the page. Initially, we introduced the CSS-Styling.

On the last day, we continued the styling topic for a little while, and covered how we can control the size of each element. Finally, we touched on the topic of adding functionality to this styled HTML file by using JavaScript. We also removed the common beginner misconception that JavaScript is related to Java.