she codes is a symbol for a brighter future

when i was fourteen years old, i started writing poetry. it was a way for me to express everything i was feeling at that time. a lost soul in a big world, where nothing made sense, except poetry books written by a dead feminist,

throughout my formative years, poetry was an extension of everything that i am as a person. literature wasn’t only a major that i pursued, it shaped me in ways, nothing else could. so it was no surprise to anyone when i decided to take writing as a career, especially to my italian doctor ( franca buddu), who was always supportive of me, and my passion for poetry. but i was afraid of how to start, how to establish myself as a poet in this era, i got offers from some platforms to publish my work, but my poetry wasn’t something that i was willing to sell. it wasn’t what i wanted at that time; hence, i rejected them and tried to focus on my academic education, and kept on practicing my craft. but still i couldn’t find a way to excel in what i do best.

in the same week i was warping up my academic education, i signed up for a tech boot-camp, that i wasn’t particularly well acquainted with how it is going to add up anything to someone like me, but i decided to have this experience with the intention to explore a new land. little did i know that this experience would open my eyes to a field of writing that i have never thought about, it made me realize what i am capable of. an experience that gave me the chance to have a career in content writing, an experience that opened so many doors for me, that it went so far, where i got an offer to work as content writer in one of the best content writing agency around the world.

she codes was an eye-opening experience, a one-time chance, it was a life-changing opportunity. during the two months i have been in the course, i gained significant skills, and got in touch with a lot of things that i left with that fourteen years old girl, who was trying to simply find a community where she can feel equal and be appreciated for her talent. she codes was the match that ignited my flame, it was a starting point for everything i achieved, and i will achieve. she codes created a community for women to support and learn from each other, a community that came together, to empower each other, and spread the culture of empowering women. a family that i can rely on, starting with najla, who i am always going to be grateful for, she showed me that no matter how hard it is, i am capable of doing everything, as long as i have the passion for it. tamthur, the woman i am always going to be in awe of everything she is, a talented writer, who i can rely on whenever i need, a partner that proved to me that i am capable of colliding my pen with another writer. to everyone else i encountered during my time in the boot-camp; i will always be in a debt i could never repay.

i believe that she codes is a symbol for a brighter future; therefore, i am forever going to be a small part of this organization to change lives, as it did to mine. 

written by heba elhaddad

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