She Codes recognizes that there are significant barriers still stand in the way of women and girls’ ability to thrive, alongside the challenges women face to equal participation, the limited access to job opportunities, and the relation between the inequality that women and girls experience are often stem from the lack of control over their own lives, and education.

These barriers are deeply rooted and complex. Overcoming them will not be easy. However, we believe that paving the path for women and girls to reach their full potential is a must. She Codes stakes its future to give the women all the tools and opportunities to empower their future, by teaching, coaching, and mentoring them in tech related fields.

This call is for the stakeholders and business leaders to step up, and give a hand to help empower women and girls through our programs, which will lead to sustainable positive changes in their lives.

She Codes is working to achieve this goal, through collaborations. The participation of the corporate sector is extremely important for us to achieve our vision and mission. 


She Codes considers partnership as one of the major keys that will enable us to remove any barriers that prevent full participation of women and girls. We will work closely with our future partners to help understand our immediate challenges and help them identify, implement, monitor and evaluate our programs.


It is a chance to give your employees the opportunity and the platform to make lasting changes in the lives of so many women, and give a proper chance to children to be creative. Employees may choose the causes they are passionate about.


Customers and potential customers take interest in, and prefer brands with a purpose, and how a brand intends to change the world for the better, its role to unite customers and culture. Our Cause Marketing are designed around consumer engagement while supporting the cause.